CNC Routing

We offer a premium CNC routing and cutting service.

Our diverse portfolio varies from retail and shop fittings to interior design, prop making, automotive, furniture and more.

Our robust router is capable of cutting complex or simple shaping on an array of sheet materials including acrylics, polycarbonate, foamex, PVC, aluminum composite, MDF, OSB, plywood, hardwood, solid aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

The Router


A CNC Router is a computer numerical controlled machine capable of engraving, bevelling, rebating, drilling and cutting designs from a range of sheet materials.

Our AXYZ 6010 model machine is complete with a large cutting bed of over 10ft x 7ft (3050mm x 2160mm) and an extended height gantry which allows us to cut materials up to 250mm thick. With a powerful 10.8HP spindle, vacuum bed and high compacity pressure foot – our CNC routing machine is servo driven for extreme accuracy and precision, so you can be assured that your project is in safe hands.

Our machine operatives are highly experienced, fully trained and equipt with the latest software, so we can ensure that your project is handled efficiently – producing less waste, saving time and keeping the costs to a minimum.

Enquire now


Send us your art work or design. If you don’t have any artwork or design that’s fine, just send us a rough drawing and measurements of what you require or give us a call.


Then we will provide you with a tailored quote including material and machine time costs.


Come and collect your finished products or we can deliver locally.

Supplying Your Materials

We are more than happy to supply the required materials for your project, however, we understand the importance of keeping your trade prices and costs down to a minimum wherever possible.

We recommend having your materials delivered directly from your supplier to our workshop which means you not only save by only making a payment for machine time, but are able to keep any leftover cut-offs.

Tavy Routing offers both the option of collecting your finished product from us at our workshop, or we provide a reliable local delivery service.


Examples of our work